So... this happened... July 2, 2018 

     After the two weeks in studio, my producer, Andy Reiss, who plays guitar for the band, "The Time Jumpers" invites me back stage to get some autographs on the their CD.  I'm struggling to make it through small talk with these musical giants as I collect their signatures one by one.  After my casual, witty and not-nervous-at-all discourse with Vince Gill, (yeh, I said that---)  he asks if I'm gonna sing a song with the band.  Hello?!  We all know the answer to that question...  Through my nerves, I mustered, a "uh, yeh", "sure" or some such response.   The rest is now history or as long as YouTube is around, right? 

     Each of these players in their own right are world class musicians and have a bio that would impress the King of Country Swing, Bob Wills, himself (maybe some of them have played with him?!).  Needless to say, I am eternally grateful to have had the chance to sing with these amazing gents that night--- and most especially to Kenny Sears and "The Time Jumpers" for lending me the arrangement for "Smile" for my CD --- Kenny plays both fiddle parts on the recording, btw.          Enjoy...

Well, and~~~ it happened again - The Time Jumpers had me up singing again

on a recent trip to Nashville - Monday, December 2, 2019 to be precise!

Pics to come... another unbelievable experience!