So why Nashville?    Why not, I said!

     Though residing in Seattle - I decided to celebrate a "significant" birthday by gifting myself with this amazing recording experience in the most musical place on earth. And what a birthday experience...

     Music City delivered fond memories, magical music and meaningful friendships to last a lifetime. I was blessed beyond all measure to have recorded at this palace of a studio - Audio 51, owned by Crystal Gayle and Bill Gatzimos. I am eternally grateful to these lovely people - and to their son, Christos Gatzimos who engineered the wonder of it all. I was made to feel at home by Christos' adorable assistant, Whitney Marvel and all of The Gatzimos family--- their graciousness and hospitality spared nothing.  

     But of course, all of this was due to the expertise lent by my amazing producer, Andy Reiss. I couldn't have been more pleased to be guided by his skillful and creative direction; the band that he put together was unbelievable---the dream team of jazz:  Chris Walters on piano, Roger Spencer on bass, and Chris Brown on drums. What a joy!  Special guest musicians graced us, too: one of the only "Certified Guitar Players" of the world - John Knowles on guitar; Denis Solee on saxophone, and Kenny Sears on fiddle. And, we had William Reiss (Andy's talented son) play a bit of percussion, too.  Lucky, me, right?

     My heart is filled with gratitude.  I do hope you will enjoy hearing my take on these divine melodies or better yet! come hear me perform live sometime... thank you for taking a listen! 

                                                                                                                                   Most sincerely,  Janet